What is it like to be a geek?

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One of the reasons why my current job is less sucky than usual is that I’m surrounded by a wide range of people, and within that set are a variety of geeks. We have non-tech people, but they are nearly all music/radio geeks, so they don’t count. The work is pretty fun too because I’m given the luxury of working solidly on only a couple of technical development jobs. Object Orientated Programming, even the mention of which still makes me feel icky, is slowly getting into my soul. There’s no doubt that C++ is bollocks, but “C with objects” is a peculiarly sexy idea. Bits, bytes, buffer overflows, and inheritance…it turns me on. Of course there are better ways of doing that stuff: Objective C, or even Java do objects better…
Have you ever had a really decent Grilled Reuben ? It’s outrageously oily, fatty, meaty, cheesy and absolutely fucking delicious. “Bugger the calories and years of disabilities ahead”, we say to ourselves, “this feels good!”. I sip my wine.
Well, abusing oneself with C++ sometimes makes the programmer feel excited. We know it will cause bloatware, crashes and all kinds of other shit, but by god that API deserved a bloody good encapsulating and sub-classing; it doesn’t half make the programmers feel better.
Sorry – that’s off my chest.

Tonight, my line manager invited our team to do some pissing about with the new office phone system; all based on Asterisk. Of course, being the die-hard phone geek that I am, I leapt at the chance to get my beloved Asterisk box talking to a friend. To cut a long story short: after a short period of time while Michele and I were both chatting to her family on AIM, our home phone system is now connected to my work system. This means I can call home free, and Michele can call me at work using only four digits and without it costing us anything.

Living in the future is fun.

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