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The last few weeks have been mental. What happens is that people offer you (me) work, and it never comes off so you have to accept every offer…and then a job will actually come into fruition. This time four came together at once. Oh my god, I haven’t been this busy for…ever.
Absolutely no time to myself. Every waking hour I’ve been working. It was beginning to kill me but each is moving nicely now so the pressure isn’t affecting me as much. The jobs are also totally different:

  • a caption competition for a large travel agent’s website
  • a microelectronics project that I’m not supposed to talk about
  • a VoIP telephone system for a prison
  • a wine-tasting website
  • ..and of course my full time job…

But it’s feeling good at the moment. Mainly because today I’ve had a couple of good breakthroughs. Managed to upgrade a Linux server to 2.4.19/ext3 without breaking domino. Then I came home and stamped on a few bugs in the PIC microcotroller job which have been keeping me awake. 16F873s are cool 🙂

Now Michele is dancing around the room listening to musique de Limewire and I’m blogging for the first time in weeks.

Thursday and Friday nights were good too – spent the evenings in the HG with people I like. Michele was there both nights and it was fun.

This time last week we were at a party in Brighton for a friend of Ben. Nice weekend. Roland was nice enough to drive – made the whole experience more pleasant. Bloody nice chap. Really good to see Ben and tree too.

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Sometimes I wonder what my brain is playing at. It’s tired, so I go to bed. Then it won’t sleep, and insists on me flipping from lying in one direction to the other all night. When I do get to sleep, it’s unsatisfying dream-sleep with slightly unsettling and even nasty dreams.
Every so often something wakes me up. Last night it was:

  • A Fox screaming unnecessarily loudly
  • Violently painful leg cramps
  • An unnatural thirst
  • Nothing at all

Being woken up for nothing at all is the worst. This is when my brain produces a list of things to worry about. For some reason, lying on ones back in the dark stimulates the brain’s worry-centres. Here is a list of “Top of the cack late-night-bed-worries”:

  1. Money, and the lack of it
  2. Tax assessment
  3. Work
  4. The things I told people I would do and then forgot about
  5. I drink too much and will soon be dead
  6. I’ve only eaten pizza all day and will soon be dead due to vegetable deficiency
  7. Bills
  8. The thought of having to move house ever again
  9. Did I piss [insert name here] off in the pub tonight – I was a bit pissed

Why ? Why doesn’t it just let me sleep. Now I’m up at 8am typing this shit – tonight I’ll be even more knackered and will probably end up with even more late-night anxst..