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Me and Saddam

Today is my birthday and also the birthday of Saddam Hussein. All of this time I thought I was against the war simply because it was a violent way of protecting the U.S.’s oil interests, when in fact it turns out that it’s just because Saddam and I are both Taurian.

Nazi Scum Off Our Streets

Well I went along, and there was a pathetic number of people on the anti-fascist side of the fence. Luckily there was an equally shit turn out from the NF. The winners were the Police who managed to muster about 2×10^100 coppers, and they did a sterling job of seperating us from each other. In fact there were more coppers between the two groups than people in the groups themselves. We did a fair amount of shouting at the flags and bald-heads we could just about see through the, rather thick, thin blue line…but it wasn’t really a show of strength. The police obviously liked the look of us, because they seemed very keen to make some home movies – how sweet. They didn’t film the NF, but then who’d want to watch those ugly fuckers ?
It really pisses me off when people slag off the ANL – who cares if they’re involved with the SWP ? They were there today and that’s what matters. Jesus christ I wish the left would stick together a bit more.

Ah well it was nice to meet some likeminded people anyway. I came back home via Everest sri-lankan take-away where I bought a spicy fish steak, and a fish-curry with hard-boiled egg roll. Super-yum. Now the rest of the day to mess about with some video capture, and a rediscovered interest in MAME.

Laaaaaazy days

Now and again it’s good to do absolutely bugger all. Good friday is normally a very dull day where nothing happens, so go with it and deliberately do nothing. Nice. So apart from going down the road to buy 4 bottles of revolting “wine” (2 for a fiver – I don’t care what it tastes like) I’ve not left the house all day. Nathan and Connor (a couple of the kids from down the road) totally soaked me with water pistols as I was coming back in….so I will soon be buying the most powerful water gun in the world and rewenge will be mine Muwahahahahaaha!

How cheery to see the people of Baghdad (quite a few of them in fact) demonstrating against Americas invasion of their land. It seems that outside of Iraq people don’t realise that Iraqis are actually as real and normal as everyone else. Anyone should object to being taken over in such a cynical way, even in the person they were taking over from is a bastard. They know, just as well as Wanker and Blair, that Chalabi is just as much of a shit as Saddam. In fact the only difference is that he gets on well with the U.S. state. Very much like Saddam was in the 1960s
Tim has spent a long while on my knee today. He’d be there still if I didn’t get achey and need to stand up. Lovely bird.

April March May Bring June

What a long time between blogs…how crap is that ?
And after all that time, this entry is really tedious. Sorry.
Last saturday I, together with a surprisingly large number of people went on the anti-war demo. It was a beautiful day and great to see Tony and Emmanuelle who’d come over from France. After a quick couple of pints they came back to our house and we ordered a curry.
Tim obviously felt left out with all of us sitting on the carpet eating, and so performed a beautiful dive from the top of his cage, right into Tony’s vegetable curry. He was covered – Neelam, if you read this then I’m so sorry…Our biggest worry was that he might have a heart attack when he tried to preen due to the firey nature of the sauce. So we “asked a cockatiel expert” (the Internet really is the dog’s bollocks) and apparently they love chilli and even eat them down to the seeds.
The other problem was the huge yellow stain on his belly. We couldn’t get near enough to wipe it and so just hoped he would sort it out himself. It’s taken a few days but he’s managed it. Being a vein bird, he wasn’t happy with it as it did taint his colour scheme, and became a little more reserved. But his back to his usual extovert self now and all is well.
We had my mum and dad over for dinner on sunday, partly so my mum could meet the bird – Michele did her yummy middle-eastern chicken and date thing…mmmm..
Apart from that I’ve been working. Managed to get FreeBSD 5.0 support into NoCat – which sounds very dull…well I suppose it is if you’re not into such things, but it cheered me up.
Thanks to the slackness of the public sector, we have a nice 6 day holiday after today to celebrate either

  • The murder of an outspoken jewish bloke by the Romans
  • The ancient spring festival of regeneration and fertility
  • A nice time of year to sit around doing nothing

depending on your particular beliefs.
Oh yes, I discovered this rather groovy site that is a great way for old farts like me to beef up their mp3 collections and at the same time embarrass themselves by listing to what the younger generation are listening to. It’s got a good beat…

Reality TV

The struggle to produce an original reality-TV show was becoming increasingly difficult for the BBC. They took Big Brother, crossed it with Popstars and got Fame Academy…which didn’t really cut it. They added celebrities….but still. After that where do you go ?
Thank Bush then for the Iraq Conflict! What could be better than 24/7 footage of real shooting, and real dead bodies. Not even Endemol (the creators of big brother and just about every other realityfest) could swing a snuff series – but thanks to the free market, we now have one! Not only that, but one where the main characters can get seriously wounded, or even killed. They must have been dancing fucking jigs in television centre when war was declared. Like that episode from “The Day Today”, the graphics, sets, and speeches were all ready for action as soon as the shells started exploding.
They even have the big brother style “day number” on screen. All that’s missing is a geordie voiceover:
“Day 18, and John simpson is in the diary room after the daily challenge, when Kamaran was blown to pieces by friendly fire.”

Parrot, Protest and Vomit

Tim the parrot is currently sitting at the top of one of his ladders, watching me type. Neelam dropped him off yesterday and he’s just started to relax a bit and trust me enough to take food from my hands. Considering what a stressful couple of days he’s had (vet, car ride, stange new house, no mum) it’s good progress. Tim is a cockatiel and we’re parrot sitting him for a couple of weeks while Neelam is India visiting her family.
I went off to an anti-war protest outside the American Embassy yesterday and met up with Dave (harvey) and family. There were probably more police than protesters sadly, but it wasn’t publicised very well – and next week is the big one. We’re going to try and bust the record of the last one – biggest wartime anti-war demo in history. The government have to know they haven’t won, and they won’t be forgiven. People are more angry now than ever – good.
If you have any doubts about the true nature of this war, then please try and find a copy of “The Money Programme” from last week. The college library has a copy (video 13823). It’s called “The War for Oil” and it consists of the major players in the dispute, together with reps from the oil companies openly talking about how Iraq had to be put under American control if the oil-based American economy was to have a future. There is no question it is a war for oil and all of that bollocks about liberation and human rights is simply evidence that Blair, Wanker and the rest are cynical liars and murderers.
Our troops are being insulted…and they’re starting to realise it. Several of them refused to shoot innocent civilians, and have been imprisioned.

Support our troops – bring them home!

before the trigger happy U.S. cowboys kill any more of them.
After the demo, Dave and I sat in the Spice of Life and passed a pleasant couple of hours with a pleasant couple of pints. A nice day all in all. In the evening Michele and I played with Tim and watched a video…it was all going so well..
…then Michele came down with food poisoning…badly. She hasn’t slept all night and I can’t begin to describe what she’s been through. She’s lying asleep now, looking whiter than a Tunde Arungundade snowman and NHS direct have disallowed her any water until 9:30…ooh its that now – I’ll get her some…
She’s looking a lot better – the woman from NHS direct is going to call back in a while to see how she’s doing.
As Michele was “up and down like a dog at a fair” all night, my own sleep was turbulent. Horrible dreams. One part that stands out was hearing gunshots. They were obviously coming from nearby because you could even hear the cartridge hitting the ground. Looking through the window of the room I was in, I could see a young guy, probably around 15, standing on a balcony adjoining our house, firing a semi-automatic pistol at a crowd of peace protesters. There was blood everywhere. He looked insane and appeared to be shooting indescriminately, so everyone in the room lay down on the floor and hoped he wouldn’t see us. We were sure he’d run out of ammo, but he didn’t, shot after shot and no sign of letting up. Eventually he ran into the room and started shooting us one by one. We were playing dead and so there was no noise but the gunshots. As every person was killed, rather than seeing it, I saw their lifes work – an author was killed and I saw her books – it was like watching a film – everyone was quiet, hoping to be overlooked. It was my dream, so I should have been killed last, but I wasn’t – I felt the gun to the back of my neck, heard the shot and felt the pain – but then I became detached, like a ghost.
That wasn’t the most surreal part of the dream, but probably the most disturbing…I can’t remember a lot more – and it probably wouldn’t make any sense if I described it….just thought I’d share that….please don’t call a doctor.