Laaaaaazy days

Now and again it’s good to do absolutely bugger all. Good friday is normally a very dull day where nothing happens, so go with it and deliberately do nothing. Nice. So apart from going down the road to buy 4 bottles of revolting “wine” (2 for a fiver – I don’t care what it tastes like) I’ve not left the house all day. Nathan and Connor (a couple of the kids from down the road) totally soaked me with water pistols as I was coming back in….so I will soon be buying the most powerful water gun in the world and rewenge will be mine Muwahahahahaaha!

How cheery to see the people of Baghdad (quite a few of them in fact) demonstrating against Americas invasion of their land. It seems that outside of Iraq people don’t realise that Iraqis are actually as real and normal as everyone else. Anyone should object to being taken over in such a cynical way, even in the person they were taking over from is a bastard. They know, just as well as Wanker and Blair, that Chalabi is just as much of a shit as Saddam. In fact the only difference is that he gets on well with the U.S. state. Very much like Saddam was in the 1960s
Tim has spent a long while on my knee today. He’d be there still if I didn’t get achey and need to stand up. Lovely bird.

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