Monthly Archives: May 2013

Dealing with Age

You’re born, you do what you need to do, and then one day you wake up to discover you’re 30; “The Wednesday of Your Life”. I freaked out a bit on mine, and figured that the end was nigh. The day turned out to be really pretty enjoyable on reflection, and I was given a valuable gift by an older friend; he said “your 30’s are like your 20’s, but you just don’t give as much of a fuck”. The same advice can, and should, be given to everyone at every age.
So despite recently turning 42, I’m no longer worried – but it’s interesting to note the things that have changed.

  • Going out, getting pissed and “having a good time” now seems more like a threat than a good idea. Spending a weekend hacking, reading, watching films and spending time with my wife and the parrots is far more enjoyable on its own merit. OK red wine is currently a key part of the equation but I’m working on that.
  • I’m older than the majority of my peers at work. Oddly, it can be quite comforting: with age comes experience, and I enjoy the occasional feeling of being sure that I know what I’m talking about. It’s still very infrequent, but when it happens it’s very satisfying.
  • I used to think I was the same age as teens and people in their twenties. Now “people my age” ranges from 25 to 65. Anyone younger is a child. Anyone older is “a bit older”.
  • Worrying about being uncool is a thing of the past. It was always a bogus ideal, but now I relish it. There’s a lot to waffle about here, but not now.
  • A disposable income means that educational toys can be purchased without sacrifice or guilt to help keep my brain working, my childish spirit satisfied, and my skill-set increasing.
  • The Internet: it’s impossible for anyone with any vestige of curiosity to become bored now.