Monthly Archives: November 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving has happened! Yeah, some of you won’t care or even know about that, but it happened nonetheless. Our experience was surprsingly pleasurable despite M having to work half the day and us attending two separate celebrations. We had a delicious and enjoyable meal in Bristol with M’s dad’s side of the family, and then drove back to the hood to hang out with Michele’s mom’s side of the fam which currently includes an extraordinary number of kids. And it was lovely – fortunately all of the kids are adorable.
The last couple of days have involved working on a database for M’s work (based on a rather groovy Javascript-based engine) and doing some more home work for a brilliant, online, cryptography course.
There are a lot of things I was hoping to rant about, but you’re spared that crap because I’m tired. For the benefit of my memory, they include

  • Language-obsessed developers.
  • Workplaces and their fear of conflict compared to their willingness to silently harbour grudges and then create cult-like hatred of people they’ve never really talked to.
  • The entire financial system as it is in 2012.
  • Willing morons.
  • Morons (willing and unwilling) who are allowed to make decisions.
  • People who can’t understand why anyone would be against the idea of working all day every day. (q.v. Morons)