Nazi Scum Off Our Streets

Well I went along, and there was a pathetic number of people on the anti-fascist side of the fence. Luckily there was an equally shit turn out from the NF. The winners were the Police who managed to muster about 2×10^100 coppers, and they did a sterling job of seperating us from each other. In fact there were more coppers between the two groups than people in the groups themselves. We did a fair amount of shouting at the flags and bald-heads we could just about see through the, rather thick, thin blue line…but it wasn’t really a show of strength. The police obviously liked the look of us, because they seemed very keen to make some home movies – how sweet. They didn’t film the NF, but then who’d want to watch those ugly fuckers ?
It really pisses me off when people slag off the ANL – who cares if they’re involved with the SWP ? They were there today and that’s what matters. Jesus christ I wish the left would stick together a bit more.

Ah well it was nice to meet some likeminded people anyway. I came back home via Everest sri-lankan take-away where I bought a spicy fish steak, and a fish-curry with hard-boiled egg roll. Super-yum. Now the rest of the day to mess about with some video capture, and a rediscovered interest in MAME.

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