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What a long time between blogs…how crap is that ?
And after all that time, this entry is really tedious. Sorry.
Last saturday I, together with a surprisingly large number of people went on the anti-war demo. It was a beautiful day and great to see Tony and Emmanuelle who’d come over from France. After a quick couple of pints they came back to our house and we ordered a curry.
Tim obviously felt left out with all of us sitting on the carpet eating, and so performed a beautiful dive from the top of his cage, right into Tony’s vegetable curry. He was covered – Neelam, if you read this then I’m so sorry…Our biggest worry was that he might have a heart attack when he tried to preen due to the firey nature of the sauce. So we “asked a cockatiel expert” (the Internet really is the dog’s bollocks) and apparently they love chilli and even eat them down to the seeds.
The other problem was the huge yellow stain on his belly. We couldn’t get near enough to wipe it and so just hoped he would sort it out himself. It’s taken a few days but he’s managed it. Being a vein bird, he wasn’t happy with it as it did taint his colour scheme, and became a little more reserved. But his back to his usual extovert self now and all is well.
We had my mum and dad over for dinner on sunday, partly so my mum could meet the bird – Michele did her yummy middle-eastern chicken and date thing…mmmm..
Apart from that I’ve been working. Managed to get FreeBSD 5.0 support into NoCat – which sounds very dull…well I suppose it is if you’re not into such things, but it cheered me up.
Thanks to the slackness of the public sector, we have a nice 6 day holiday after today to celebrate either

  • The murder of an outspoken jewish bloke by the Romans
  • The ancient spring festival of regeneration and fertility
  • A nice time of year to sit around doing nothing

depending on your particular beliefs.
Oh yes, I discovered this rather groovy site that is a great way for old farts like me to beef up their mp3 collections and at the same time embarrass themselves by listing to what the younger generation are listening to. It’s got a good beat…

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