Quick message to McCain supporters

How would you like to earn $237,083 a minute ? That wouldn’t be bad would it ? That’s over $340 million a day! Well, that is currently how much of your money the U.S. government is spending on the war in Iraq. Money well spent I’m sure you agree.

Some would say that this money may have been better spent on providing world-class healthcare, housing, transport and education which it would have been able to do several times over. You obviously don’t, because you’re planning on electing that pillar of self-interested spiteful conservatism and at the same time you should be looking forward to not being able afford to travel to work, feed your family, or ever get ill.

One thing you really really need to understand is that the oil IS going to run out. It’s not going to get any cheaper, regardless of how many new wells you dig – you’re just slowing down the decay. Spend the money on doing what you’ll have to do one day anyway: finding better methods of moving around and heating your house.

So, don’t follow the herd of ovine, myopic, provincial, crackers – vote for Obama. You never know, it may stop America from falling further into the deep shit into which is has been dropped by the neo-cons.

If you voted for George W Bush in the second term then ignore the above advice. Instead, tear up your voting card and check yourself into the local nuthouse. You really shouldn’t be out, let alone be allowed to vote.

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