A Philadelphia Story

The oppressively hot and muggy atmosphere is finally beginning to ease off. On Saturday we even left the house for a few minutes…to drive to the offy [wine store]. On the way we noticed that someone on a nearby street was having a yard sale with an apparently massive collection of DVDs for sale. So, on the way back, we stopped off to peruse the wares. Stopping at a yard sale can be a very depressing experience; apart from the pedestrian collection of worthless crap for sale you also have to deal with the knowledge that the people selling them are probably really desperate for any money at all. But this one was different! Not only was he selling a collection of excellent films, but he also had a mini-USB to USB-type-A cable – and at that particular moment I needed one of those quite urgently.
We got talking to the guy and it turns out he is a stand up comedian who not only does a lot of TV but is managed by some very famous Hollywood people. What is a well known TV comedian doing selling dodgy DVDs and mobile phone adapters in Philadelphia you are probably wondering, with a cynical sneer. I still wonder about that, but I know he was telling the truth – not only have we seen photos that back this up, but we have done enough net research to discover that he is legit. Apart from being managed by a Hollywood starlet, he’s also done “The National Lottery” (UK) and met Dale Winton! So I’m sure you’ll agree he’s clearly made it. He even met Al Fayed. Where do you o after that ?

He was an utterly excellent bloke too, and we enjoyed watching his DVDs. Funny old world.

I’ll spare you from the inevitable rant about the evils of DVD “copy protection” – you don’t deserve that cobblers.

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