Very New Year!

Richard Dawkins managed to articulate everything Michele and I (and Michele, and I), feel about religion tonight. Given 10 years to prepare material I still wouldn’t have been able to better his arguments. It’s so good to know there are sane people in the world. It’s also good to live in a country where that sort of material can get on national TV at 8pm. Pity no-one was watching really.
Weirdly, if anyone decides to copy, encode and redistribute this wonderful lecure, they’ll be guilty of piracy! Oh the irony! Keep an eye out for bittorrents.
My favourite part was where the evangelical nutjob explained to his joyful congregation about the importance of “obedience”. They responded by raising thier arms into the air. It really did look and sound like a Nazi rally. All the more pleasing to hear Richard Dawkins accuse the pastore of leading a ceremony that resembled Nuremberg. Pity Dawkins was not allowed to go further and accuse the pastor of actually preaching fascist doctrine (which he was). He has a weekly conference call with George “Puppet of the New Fascist Order” Bush, but it’s OK, God’s in charge.

Meanwhile, the real political situation in Britain has been enriched by George Galloway’s decision to move into the Big Brother house. Really! I’m sure if he were ever to be brought before a court he would have a convincing reason for why a MP [public servant] should spend two weeks of his tenure on a reality TV programme. I’ve been confused by Mr G. On one hand he’s anti-war, on the other he appears to be a self-interested, fascistic, shitbag. But no-one could fault him with his treatment of the bastards in the U.S. court.

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