Beat that

On saturday:

  • The bog got blocked
  • The Hoover stopped working
  • The TV blew up
  • My CDR drive stopped working
  • I broke a chunk off my front tooth eating a tandoori lamb chop

The current state of play:

  • Handyman plunged the bog which fixed it until he’d gone. Now blocked again.
  • New Hoover delivered by Argos. Buying a new Hoover is one of the least exciting, satisfying or enriching experiences in the world.
  • Borrwed a 14″ telly off my Dad and yesterday the rental company replaced our knackered telly with a refurbished second-hand one that works a bit better. Renting TVs and videos is good like that. Weirdly, it seems that one of the most familar and well known high street chains, the chain through which we rented our gear, Radio Rentals, doesn’t exist. Go on, Google it! They’ve been airbrushed out. Michele went to Lewisham to find the shop – gone. No details on the web – nothing! Did they even exist ? Was it a dream ? Turns out that we are now renting from a company called “box clever”…well they take our money and fix our telly so I can’t complain.
  • Got a new DVD+-RW-CDR/RW-A-GO-GO!
  • I still have fangs

And so with a broken bog and deformed teeth I face the prospect of a week without Michele who is off to the States. I really wish I was going too…

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