Fairytale of New Cross

Looking back at Christmas, it couldn’t have been better unless all of the people I knew in London had turned up for a drink. Unlikely, as they were all with their families hoping for a visit too, so that had bad odds. But it was, in all, a good exponenet of the genre. Some examples of ancient traditions being upheld:

  • Christmas Eve: expecting a quiet night to avoid a let down…changing my mind and going out…and it was quite good. Met up with Tony and Zap in the Rosie for a couple. The new guvnor (number 71612 this year) was very pleased to see us, if only because the late night custom was looking doubtful. We left at “closing time” (as we used to call it before the new licencing laws) , just as the DJs had started to play their peasant-wedding-style set. Off to the Hobgoblin to pass on Christmas greetings to The Fairy Godmother and Wee John. After a few “get out, we’re closed” type comments they invited us in and we shared an hour of pleasant conversation with them, Welsh Mike and the other regulars. Sorry, that should have read “we talked drunk pub bollocks” with Welsh Mike and the regulars. When it was time enough for us to leave we said our goodbyes and staggered out into the cold. I then broke my golden rule: if going to the New Cross Inn seems like a good idea after the pubs shut, then you are clearly too pissed to be making that sort of decision and should go home. Luckily, the presence of bouncers and a 5 quid entrance fee was enough to dissuade us and we resigned ourselves to getting home before the busses finished and getting to bed at “quite” a late hour. However, good sense was not to prevail! I’d forgotten that Vicky, a good acquaintance, was now running the NXI. She not only insisted we came in for a drink, but waived the 5 quid entrance charge. Drink, hip-hop, slurring, leaving late, chicken shop….that sort of thing.
  • Christmas telly! OK a lot of shit and if I hear “Fairytale of New York” one more time I’m going to loose control. Don’t get me started….but there were good things on too. Cube! Ok, pretentious and pretty ridiculous, but very enjoyable in a sick sort of way. Minority Report was surprisingly good! Posing the question of whether one can be rightly accused of murder before the murder takes place ?”. Of course, in these enlightened times we know the answer is yes! That’s what Guantanamo Bay and Belmarsh are for!
  • Yahtzee. Anyone fancy a challenge ? I’ll bet anyone that I’m crapper at any sport, game or contest than them. My sister thrashed me.
  • Cheese, sherry, wine, turkey and smoked salmon. Nuff said
  • Crap British 70’s sitcom spin-off films! On the buses, dad’s army, likely lads, the list goes on. We know they’re crap! We know they’re full of diabolical, racist, sexist, right-wing, bullshit, but if you grew up in the 70s there’s something forgivable about it. Like having a brain-damaged sibling or something. And at least the Clement/LaFrenais ones have some good jokes too.
  • Humph! Green and pink! The christmas bird!

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