It’s pretty but it’s very, very heavy

This week was my first week of employment with the new guys. Over the last year or two I’ve done a lot of working at home and it is now clear that interest in the work is the key to productivity. No other factors matter. And this project I’m very into so it’s been a surprisingly productive few days…fortunate when you consider how much stuff we have to do in the next few months…eeek. Scary but interesting and exciting even…hells bloody bells I’m a sad bastard…

Al-Queada have given up on their bombing campaign and have instead infiltrated TFL. That can be the only explanation for how shit London’s transport infrastructure has become. This morning Michele and I walked out of the gaff at 8 am. We both got to our respective workplaces at 10:15; me to Westboune Park, Michele to Ilford. Over two hours! We could have been in Holland by then! And at least we’d have been able to relax once there…but we weren’t going to Holland, we were going to work. How bizarre is the whole business of going to work. You waste hours of your life every day, going to a place you dislike (usually), to do a job you dislike (usually), with people you don’t give a fuck about (usually). The journey is so harsh that by the time you reach your workplace you want to kill everyone including the nice people….but instead you HAVE to stay there. Nope – you’re not allowed to spend your lives with the people you like and love, that’s against the rules. You have to work!
You’d have thought that by 2005 the human race would have evolved enough to sort out this bizarre, unproductive, and unhealthy state of affairs…but it’s as bad now as ever…possibly worse.
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Have a good night folks.
I’ve got to get dear Humph off my head before she craps in my hair again…

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