A bunch of 13-14 year old schoolkids got onto the DLR while I was on my way to Canary Wharf the other day. They engaged in the typical sort of behaviour you’d expect from them: shouting, running about, talking shit etc etc. But then one of them called his friend something that I found genuinely shocking. Now, as I have made very clear in the past, there are very few swearwords that can shock me these days, but when I heard a 14 year old, in 2005, call his friend a “Silly fish” I was taken aback. I haven’t been as surprised for at least ten years when all the urban skallies started calling each other “fool”. But “silly fish” ? That’s surely more P.G. wodehouse, Jennings or Just William than Millwall-massive isn’t it ? Leg-a-lamb…arrrrrrr!

So my time at Megacorp is over. The last day was like any other, except with the addition of a curry at lunchtime and a leaving card, nonetheless it still made me sad to walk out of there for the last time. If it hadn’t been the goldsmiths ball that night I’d probably have got all emotional…instead I just got pissed and tired.

Friday I went up to my new workplace to sort out the contract. It’s in Notting Hill, which as a sarf-landanah I really don’t know about. But, the film notwithstanding, it’s really got something going on there. Even though I’m only in 1 day a week from now on, I reckon it could be good fun being up there.

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