For the last two days I’ve been off sick. However, I have discovered Sinutab: Paracetamol + pseudoephedrine…joy! I can sleep without feeling that my entire upper-face is filled with napalm!
This afternoon I was scheduled to have my “Exit Interview” with someone from MegaCorp’s HR department. When the time came I decided to go along rather than cancel, and so went up to the Canary. MegaCorp had prepared their traditional welcome for me: not knowing who I was, whether I should be there, how I could get to where I’m supposed to go without someone making a fucking decision and taking an iota of responsibility.. so I took a seat and waited for the HR person to come and collect me. I selected the same leather sofa I’d sat in the last time I was waiting for someone from HR to come and meet me: when I was waiting for my initial job interview.
The corporate splendor of the vast lobby was no more impressive this time, despite the addition of the Christmas trees: a collection of 7ft tall immaculately decorated artificial trees, emitting about as much Christmas cheer as Ebeneezer Scrooge’s emergency pants.
The efficiency of the Private sector has once again come into play: I can no longer login. Brilliant! Who wants to do anything productive in their last week anyway ?
Sadly, I do. But I can’t.

Colds suck btw – if you don’t have one at the moment then you won’t remember quite how much they suck, but just remember that it’s worse than you remember. Praise the lord for inventing Sinutab in his astral laboratory.

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