Vaginas 2

So, the Vagina festival is still going on at the SU. Today I saw a leaflet advertising forthcoming events, one of which was a raffle. A list of predictable prizes (a copy of the Vagina Monologues; a sextoy from Sh! [sic] etc ad nausiam) included the following:
Mooncup, the healthy and environmental solution.”

Solution to what I wonder ? Of course, the answer is periods. This is female emancipation: you can bang on about vaginas, write the word all over the street, stand on stage and talk about it….but just avoid the subject of periods…
Why are they scared to mention it ? As a 33 year old man who has lived with a few women, periods really don’t bother me any more than peeing.
So why are these radical feminists scared of the ‘p’ word ? Answers on a *ostcard *lease.

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