A lot of nice stuff went on this week:

  • We managed to sort out the ongoing Aries load problems. Aries is one of our poor old servers that is still doing a sterling job. By his age he should really be in a bath chair, in the country, with loads of other aging servers and a tartan blanket over his power supplies. Good Aries!
  • Me, Dave Harvey, Dave Harvey [not a typo] and Ian went down to see Brodie in his last week managing the lovely cricketers. Under the surface I think we all found the event a tad emotional; I did anyway. Nonetheless the overriding emotion was happiness. Such a good day. It’s odd when you find a truly friendly pub: when you are away for a long while and then come back, nothing appears to have changed and the locals all seem just as happy as they were the last time. Brodie’s pubs are always like that. We has some lovely bitter (Fullers – don’t knock it, it was the best bitter I’ve had since the last real ale festival). A lovely chinese meal and lots of laughing in the country. Should be on the NHS.
  • Friday was typical, but all the better for it.
  • Today I worked at Daydream. Again, it’s nice to work somewhere else from time to time, especially with Ralph. We managed to achieve a lot and when I left I went for a micro-explore: Ely place. Ever since I heard an excess baggage about it, I was obsessed with going there. Despite being located in central London, it is, or possibly ‘was’, part of Cambridgeshire. Apparently (although this is probably tourist bullshit) the city police still need permission from the Cambridge constabulary before they can enter it.
  • Work managed to replace my aging phone with a 6230. 6230 – how bland does that sound ? If I were Nokia’s marketing manager I would start using cliches like “paradigm shift” in relation to this masterpiece. It looks bland too! but it’s a digital camera; digital video recorder; FM radio; MP3 player; diary; wap browser; bluetooth device; infrared devide; emailer and all round geek pacifier! Listening to Radio 4 on the way to work and some Carpetface MP3s on the way back on my phone really did it for me. How bloody annoying then that I have lost my bluetooth dongle. So annoying that I’m going to buy another one tomorrow. If it turns up, and it surely will, then I’ll sell it! Nyeh!
  • Other nice stuff

Let’s not even begin talking about Michele’s parrotastic day 🙂

Good night.

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