Tiger – or just a cute pussycat with no teeth ?

After a long delay, mainly spent waiting for the first bugfix release, I’ve installed Tiger on this iBook. The joy I experienced going from Jaguar to Panther was absent and replaced with a sense of irritation that Apple had been messing about with shit without asking. It was slow, buggy and had incorporated some really tedious extra features. I also had to recompile a bunch of stuff we use at work for the open access machines.

But, after a weekend of mucking about I’m now using a system I’m happy with. You have to turn off all of the bloated crap they put in for the boy-racer dimwits (dashboard/spotlight) and I had to replace a bunch of old plists with some now ones, but it’s working well now. In fact it seems to be a tad faster (after turning off that spotlight bilge anyway). OK they’ve decided to ditch ‘init’ and ‘cron’ in favour of some trash called ‘launchd’ but for a workstation this doesn’t bother me – now if this was a server I’d be setting fire to effigies of Steve Jobbs but thankfully not. It’s still a pleasure to use compared to the alternatives, and I can still compile and run Gimp and Xephem.

Talking of Gimp, I downloaded a superb Gimp script that lets you put lightsabres on photos with almost no effort. Sad I know but it really does it for me 🙂
The new Safari’s pretty good too! It spotted the atom feeds on this blog and sandwichselector!
er…that’s it for now. Loads of news, none bloggable.

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