Tip of the day: “never reheat food in a microwave for less than 4 minutes”. If only I had read this in my blog before I wrote it, perhaps I wouldn’t have spent so much time puking on things today.
After a couple of dignified projectile vomiting sessions before work, I foolishly decided to go in regardless. In fairness, I managed to hold back the stomach flinches for an hour, a long phonecall, and the recovery of a crashed finance server before deciding to bail out and go home. Sadly, that five-minute walk proved two and a half minutes too long and I capitulated to the will of my wretch muscles: all over the shrubs at the front of the college. Hey, it was either that or over the passing pedestrians.
This is most ill I’ve been for a long while, and I’m still feeling rough as a badger’s arse.

Life seems scary at the moment. My dreams have been very, very distressing as a result. Some mornings I wake up feeling like I’ve spent the last eight hours being abused and beaten up by everyone from close friends to Michael Caine.

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