Danger BUI

This is BUI so I apologise in advance. If you’re reading this then you’re either not out on a saturday night (BST)/(Sad as Me) or I didn’t delete this post on sunday. We all lose!
Thanks to all you wellwishers and apologies for being such a crap correspondent – this weekend is payback time 🙂

You missed Zap’s Birthday! BTW…

After the departmental meeting on Wednesday I handed in my resignation. Every time I’ve ever made a decision that’s on a similar order of personal magnitude, it has resulted in a period (albeit brief) of mellow feelings. This was no exception, and the joy of resigning after my last ever CS departmental meeting was wonderful. Whatever happens from now on is going to be gloriously DIFFERENT! Woohoo! Some dice-shaking is what we needed!
The gorgeous people who manage our flat have also suggested that we may be able to continue our tenure! This is great for so many reasons, not least of which is that it’s bloody convenient for just about everything!

Today we went to Woolies for the first time in years…for me anyway. We were there to buy “baby” Peter a present. As “baby” Peter is now 5, I was given the perfect opportunity to wander around the toys section with verifyable credibility! What a joy! If I were 5 then Woolies would be a wonderland; a place of wonderful things that my mum and dad could and would deny me owing to physical, financial and logical constraints. So, being a grown-up on a mission to actually buy a cool toy was almost too much to cope with. We bought this wicked set of “spy” binoculars (with a built-in torch/spy-scope natch) and green coated lenses to give that psycho-stalker effect. Peter was so absorbed with all his new toys (mini-golf clubs with caddy pack, proper binoculars, a world map jigsaw, Lego Star Wars figures with lightsabres that REALLY LIGHT UP -yeah – none of this crappy yellow slide-it-down-lukes-arm shit, this is serious warsstuff!) that he didn’t notice the hours tick by. I can’t believe that little man is the same person as the little pink ball Michele was cuddling in a certain photo we all relish.

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