The windmills of your kynd

As I said, it’s a vicious circle. Yet another friday spent in self-destructive escapism. Today I woke after a night of turbulent , yet pathetic, dreams and had to get into the grind. My punishment today was moving an old Linux system to a new linux system – never as simple as it should be. Second take: windows….nuff said.
After this week’s tedious events I managed to get depressed realising that the only way out of my boring work (ie computers) was to have another skill. I don’t have one and, therefore, I’m lumbered.
It started bad, missing the first train, and went through crap (overly-friendly staff from Bagel Factory who slipped me a defunct fiver) into despair; michele losing her fucking brand new phone and casuing a load of predictable shit with a Newcastle call-centre and the filth. Down.

Then I was alerted to the fact that I’m also a bastard by Alex, one of my favourite people in the world, whose birthday celebrations I was currently missing.[N.B. he was really nice about it. I just felt like an inconsiderate bastard] Alex, I’m so, so sorry. Today’s job was an emergency thing I agreed to before realising it clashed with your birthday. Believe me there’s not much that could persuade me to stay away from your birthday….there’s also not much I could do that I find more tedious than doing what I was doing today. The irony is that when I was finished I was in such a shitty mood I would have been able to ruin a meeting of the tolerance society. I was missing Michele and Humph ( our beautiful likkle ball of feathers)
Believe me Alex, we will make it uo to you.

But now I merely have my scary memories from last night, and the fear of what my subconscious will invent for my nightmares tonight,

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