This was originally going to be about the next stage of frustration regarding the RAID system and the outsourcing thereof. However, depsite part 2 of that
story being even more astounding, I can’t be bothered. In a nutshell, outsoucing sucks, Alan from Anacomp(sp?) is a star, and all couriers are lying bastards.

Tonight we had the nth call from MBNA. Michele has been slowly going out of her
head with calls from this company. They call every day during the day and, every day, Michele explains that I work and will therefore never be there. Tonight they got me. Michele answered and passed it on to me. Every time one of these poor fuckers from Bangalore calls me they give a ludicrous English name (we even had one called “Valentine Charles”) and try to sell me some shit or other. Tonight “Kelly Rose” rang to tell me how I’m “enjoying” a low rate of some percentage or other.
To cut a long story short I had some energy and decided to see how much revolutionary propaganda she would put up with before hanging up. Half an hour later I realised she was obviously in agreement without being able to say so. She listened while I wittered on about how the west was clearly exploiting her and how they will dump them all when they find an even cheaper place to rampage. She sat quietly while I ranted about how she was better than this and, despite how glad she was about this job, she is being ripped off. By the end of the call I’d even offered money and my floor to sleep on if she wanted to come to the UK should she ever resign to start the revolt. She didn’t hang up. This is unusual. By this time they usually give you some corporate apology and hangup while you’re waffling. I have a lot of experience in this area.
“I suppose you get this all the time do you ?” I asked.
“No – you’re the first” she replied 🙂

Eventually I gave her the opportunity to sign off (half an hour of ranting is too much even for me) in the vague hope that the recording of the call will be played to other call centre rookies as an example of a difficult customer.

OK, I’m probably out of order. I apologise, but I haven’t felt better about the world for weeks….And I was pissed.

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