Demo Rrrrrock

Yeah, we stuck it to the MAN on saturday. Hundreds of thousands of us were protesting about the continued campaign of fascist imperialsim by the US and UK governments. By the way, if you are one of the people who thinks that the Spanish people appeased the terrorists, then you are wrong. Wanna argue about it ? mail me. Viva Zapata (ro):) !

A great demo that was well populated. I started off with a few students from the NUS, and ended up with Dave, Maggie et al. What inspired me most was a mobile sound system in the crowd with carpetface, a bassist, a guitarist, a couple of mad dancers and a bunch of shit-hot MCs including some “guests”. It was the best hip-hop I’ve heard since I was 17 and all blatantly political stuff. They rule.

I even spent 2 quid on a CD which was a total bargain. Several remixes of “Al Qaeda do it” (“If de bus come late, dem say that Al Qaeda do it”), “George Bush go find a new job”, and “Tony Benn Konobi”. It totally refreshed my belief in “proper” hip hop. Not only were these geezers totally on, they were also really fucking good. Luckily the G********s SU decided they should come and do a gig at the SU. Even the oldies were rocking to it. 🙂

OK, I understand that I probably sound like a total nob here, but I don’t care. This is the proper type of hip-hop that got me into the whole thing in the first place. But this time it’s from London. I love it.

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