Today was a good day (I didn’t even have to use my AK). Maybe it’s just in comparison to the last few days that were, and there’s no better way to describe them, shit. Sadly, despite being really bloody interesting, the topics involved are not bloggable. Pity, when you consider what blogs are all about. Anyway.

A bit of recent history. Last Thursday a few of us went for a curry in my favourite curry house. It’s not my favourite because the food is gourmet….or even because it’s good. It’s because they have been there 40 years, the people are nice and they are one of the only true “Indians” left now. Every other “Indian” has developed into a gastronomic emporium of tourist-friendly pretentiousness. Not this place. It’s pure after-pub joy. Admittedly my guts were shot afterwards and I spent the majority of the next 24 hours on the bog but that can be a very relaxing experience. After the curry I enthusiastically invited the assembled people back to our house for more entertainment….neglecting to explain that this “entertainment” involved laughing at me fast asleep on the rug, five minutes after getting home. Apparently a couple of the guests attempted to wake me by telling me “a drive has gone down in the RAID array”. Evidently I was soundly sleeping, otherwise I would have awoken and crapped my pants at the same time. In fact I’ve spent the majority of the last two days trying to nurse a RAID array back to health in the machine room….to no avail…so far anyway. Perhaps their subliminal suggesions explain some of my recent nightmares.

Back to today. Most of the morning was consumed by a meeting. Oddly, it was a really, really productive experience. Not only did we all tend to agree, but the chair was actually really good at chairing. This kept things moving and everyone awake. I know its sad, but the whole experience cheered me up and gave me some hope for the future of mankind 🙂

As I write, things appear to be pleasant, endurable and even…good. One thing that really cheered me up this week was last sunday at my parents.
My dad was relating his experiences of being in an Anderson shelter in WW2. Apart from being a fascinating story, an interesting family trait was unearthed during the story: apparently my dad used to regularly invite people back from the pub, and then fall asleep on the carpet leaving my mum to entertain them all. As Michele says “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

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