• Coming home from work and spending time with Michele and Humphrey who spent a long time on my lap. Little Sweetie
  • A saisfactory result at work with a working RAID array, rewards for the rightous and revenge. A long story and again not bloggable.
  • Rivoli Ballroom on TV
  • A very generous work colleage who lent me the entire series 2 of the Sweeney on DVD including a load of really excellent special features. In fact I’ve just finished watching “chalk and cheese” which was brilliant. Genuinely clever, exciting, cynical and even moving. You may not know it, but The Sweeney changed the way modern television works. It is also DA BOMB MOFO!
  • A new series of “New Tricks”, the pilot of which was superb…it also has Dennis Waterman as an ex-copper. Watch it!
  • A plan to meet Alex on Saturday
  • A good day at work – lots of problems resolved and a good Thai lunch at the Walpole (#28, no rice, plus-plus chilli)
  • Tomorrow is Friday
  • Nice chat with Kate and Vic this morning
  • Sun, without being too hot
  • Downloading some excellent stuff, including the Black Books I missed last week that no-one I know taped
  • Falling for the Kestrel and Intel April Fools jokes…and laughing

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