The Man in Black

It’s only in the past few months that I’ve come to realise how similar rap, punk, blues, reggae and country and western are. Of course you’ll think I’m talking shit. But these are all types of folk music. Music made famous not by record companies, but by being passed on. No-one is pushing it at the moment, but I defy you to find someone aged 20-40 in the western world who hasn’t heard at least one of “God save the queen”, “Don’t believe the hype”, and “a boy named sue”. Ok you can probably find one or two – but I bet they own a Brittney spears record or two.

Tonight Michele and I took my mum and dad to an eatery in Deptford called “Kaya House” that I’ve probably talked bologs about before. A superb meal that, due to the massive amounts of chilli, garlic and ginger, made me feel a lot more healthy. They came back to ours, appreciated Humphrey and generally made it a good night. Good night.

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