Dree-ee-ee-ee-am, dream, dream, dreem

A couple of nights ago I had a bizarre dream that I feel should be documented for…well because it should.
Philadelphia. Michele, her mum and I travelled to an animal sanctury on the other side of town. We went via this sky-train thing. Like a roller coaster, but thousands of feet off the ground and with no visible means of support. You are only prevented from falling out by holding on for dear-life. It goes like the clappers and at all kinds of nasty angles so that you spend the entire journey on the brink of death. Everyone else seemed to be ok with it, and even found it exciting but I was terrified, and the more scared I got, the sweattier hy hands became and the more likely I was to fall out. Thankfully the track started to get closer to the ground and it was obvious we were nearly at our journey’s end – despite the speed steadily increasing. It took about an hour of this sphincter-clenching before we got there mind you .

We went into the animal sanctury, in the grounds of a large house and immediately I saw a six foot tall yellow parrot-looking thing. When I evntually got over to him, it turned out to be a half-human-half-parrot called “Mustard”. We chatted and he started to reveal himself as a really thoughtful, sad character who just wanted a relationship with someone and found his beak usually got in the way…people didn’t take him seriously. It even made me cry. Poor Mustard.
As the day went on, the place started transforming itself into a sort of festival. Bands arrived, tents were erected. Mark and Jon (from the helpdesk) even turned up with their camping gear. Of course, I couldn’t stay because I had work the next day and had to fly back to England. Michele was really mean about it and suggested I go back on my own so that she could stay and have fun.
The dream went on in the same sort of fashion – the fear of having to get on the skytrain thing to get to the airport – meeting a couple in town who I took back to the festival – missing michele etc etc….er that’s it really…

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