Sensitive bats

Over the last few nights Michele has been a very sensitive bat. The slightest thing causes tear welling, including

  • Web-based anecdotes about parrots who have run/flown away
  • Web-based anecdotes about parrots in general
  • Listening to the lyrics of Johnny Cash songs – especially “Hurt”

Despite loving parrots, especially Humphrey, with his pink fluffy neck, it’s the last one I identify with. Please don’t think I’m turning into a country and western fan, but there are certain exponents of the genre that need recognition. “Hurt” is the most beautiful, reflective song about the death of Johnny Cash’s wife which causes him to think about what’s important in life.
And you know who wrote it ? Nine Inch Nails. Nine Inch Bloody Nails. Well there you go …

The last 24 hours have been unbelievably busy. In a nutshell: two major securiy upgrades – including another one as a free bonus. As a result of one of them, and RedHat’s shitty EZ-package-system, I ended up totally shafting the payroll server…which resulted in an OS upgrade that took place at 8am today. Grimmer than it sounds. All day I got phone calls that generated a massively in-depth amount of work for the next few weeks. I’m going to bed. Good night.

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