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En route to Dorking yesterday Michele noticed the best piece of graffiti in the whole world, on the wall at St John’s Station. It says “There r 2 things I love. One is graffiti, the other is PC Spencer’s wife”. Now that’s art.
It was a great day in all, ruined at the last knockings by the determination of South Central to piss as many people off as possible. How difficult is it to get from Dorking to south-east london after 5pm ? Bloody. That’s how difficult. A long string of train changes coupled with excruciating delays between connections and being forced to visit places I’ve never been nor ever desired to go. Norwood Juction my arse.
By co-incidence, on returning home I stumbled upon an old video tape of a BBC 4 documentary on the Baader Meinhoff group and suddenly everything clicked into place: the solution to all of the world’s problems. All we need to do is get a bunch of anarchist snipers with high velocity rifles, and systematically pick off the directors and major shareholders of every large company in the world. Suddenly they will start to deserve every penny of their filthy salaries. Forget attacking governments – not only is it much more difficult to assasinate George Bush and Tony Blair, the real power is with the shadowy suits on the boards of governers.
You’ll never get a head shot at Rupert Murdoch, but a few of the senior directors desks sprayed with brains would seriously affect the foundations of News International.

Running a company really would become a responsible job. Either resign and get a job on the front-line or run the risk of having your brains blown out! I’m even happy to start the ball rolling with the directors of Connex and South Central – fix up your service or make sure your cars and houses are equipped with bullet-proof glass.
How more satisfying it would make the average commuter journey if you knew that all of the delays, overcrowding and misery would evertually be paid for by the directors.

Obviously if someone came along and offered to run a corporation for a reasonable wage and for the benefit of the public we could spare their lives…until they sell out. A sort of incentive scheme if you like.

Yes maybe I need a holiday.

Are people who live in Dorking called Dorks ?

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