Winding down

Yes Christina Aguilera. It’s just that one song: Beautiful. Honest. I don’t know why – I just love it. My sister should listen to it.
Well Mod and Ian, I’m sorry I blew you out today (ooh err and so forth). Last night I rang my parents and Stella told me she’d already started defrosting the lamb – so a curry was out. I really fancied Brick Lane too – I promise I’ll be less crap from now on. It’s not just because I didn’t relish the idea of my parents wasting a lump of perfectly good lamb – it was also because I fucking love roast lamb – and it was so, so good. Really muttony – just how I like it.

During the day we went to the Brockley Nature reserve open-day. Many people don’t realise that Brockley has a nature reserve – even fewer know it has two. We went to the larger one, off Vesta road by the railway embankment. It was the usual collection of well-meaning middle class people with their kids, making tea for everyone, organising nature trails for the kids and generally being nice. I loved it 🙂
Just as you thought it couldn’t get more middle-class, the acapella band turned up and did a turn. Despite what it sounds like, they were surprisingly entertaining. Michele and I sat in the “main glade” with all of the other local Guardian readers and their offspring, who were much more interested in doing the nature-trail than listening to singing… One of the blokes was wearing a home-made CRASS t-shirt 🙂
All in all a very enjoyable weekend and I even got some time to put up some pics of Humphrey and an arty-remix of Brodie’s birthday.
Work tomorrow doesnt even seem that bad – I might take half the day off and go down to Dorking 🙂

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