Well at least that warmongering simpleton Reagan is dead. Only a matter of hours (I hope) until the iron lady pisses herself to death too.
All of the recent eulogies about the moron describe someone that I don’t know. Even Gorbachev sung that twat’s praises. What ? He was a pillock! I only hope that Gorbachev was taking the piss….Reagan did indeed bring about the end of cold war. But only because he nearly brought about the end of the world as we know it. We should really be thanking Gorbachev for talking him into disarmament….that was never the idea of a cowboy after all…

Elections coming up in the UK. I’m still trying to find my cards. I’m buggered if I’m going to let our thieving bastard landlady get her dirty mits on them.
Tony Blair was nice enough to be interviewed on R4 today…on a train…on his way to somewhere more important. He was kind enough to remind me of how much I hate him and his duplicity. If only he and Jack “Two Faced Nazi” Straw could be killed in a car accident together. So many worthy lives would have been saved.

Work: shit
Life: OK
Telly: Good.
Apart from the spectacularly enjoyable goings-on on BB5, tonight there was a programme about the middle-class people who gave up their well paid jobs to become plumbers. How enjoyable to watch these morons realise what true labour is all about, by literally getting covered in turds. All the more room in the city for me I spose 🙂

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