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Apologies for the poncyness of the previous blog.
From now on I will extend my limit on EUI (e-mailing under the influence) to include blogging and domain name registration.

Interesting argument on R4 this morning about ADHD and drug prescription. Professor Stephen Rose made a bloody good point that ADHD didn’t exist as a diagnosis in Britain up until about 1990, and now we know about it, we’re simply drugging 3% of all children…Something very wrong there.
The proponent of some new drug or other, armed with the usual dubious neurological evidence, argued that ADHD has always existed throughout history, and many successful, talented, people may well have suffered with it. Well, I wonder if they would have been quite so successful or talented if you’d been around to dope them up with ritalin ?
I have a feeling that this Stephen Rose may have worked at Goldsmiths in the past. I hope it’s the same guy, because I always thought he was a righteous bloke and a great lecturer.

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