London Election, Fascism and Donkeys

Ken won – no suprises there, but check the rest. The BNP got more than the Greens.

Ken Livingstone (Lab) 685,541
Steve Norris (Con) 542,423
Simon Hughes (LD) 284,645
Frank Maloney (UKIP) 115,665
Lindsey German (Respect) 67,731
Julian Leppert (BNP) 58,405
Darren Johnson (Green) 57,331
Ram Gidoomal (CPA) 41,696
Lorna Reid (IWCA) 9,542
Tammy Nagalingham (IND) 6,692

60,000 Londers voted BNP! Christ on a bike.. That’s almost double the vote they got in 2000.
I wonder if the proliferation of st george crosses everywhere you look these days has had an effect? Before anyone starts banging on about political correctness gone mad and how the English need to regain pride in their country and get their identity back, can I just point out that this is


and you really should just use your bloody head and belt up. The rabid, foam-mouthed ‘patriots’, or ‘nationalists’ as I prefer to call them, really don’t need to be encouraged and commended for blindly worshipping a symbol on a flag. We expect Germany and Japan to regret their history and learn from it, but when anyone suggests that we still haven’t learned from our imperialist history they get accused of thoughtless political correctness. Pundits, politicians and celebrities fight to be the first ones to publically defend flag waving. Even that ponce Morrissey has started wrapping his aging, worthless flab in the st george cross. No excuse. If you fly a flag, you are claiming to support what it stands for not what it is. What does the st george cross stand for exactly ?
I don’t even mind the American obsession with their flag so much, because at least it stands for something…it’s just a pity that most of the most vehement wavers of “old glory” clearly haven’t read, or just don’t understand the constitution.
Fans of George Orwell may like to read this article which describes the treatment a British journalist received on entering the US. The “Department of Homeland Security”, or the “Total Information Awarenes Project” as it was previously known, now treats foreign journalists, even from friendly countries, as a serious threat to security. Travel on the wrong visa, and you get to spend some time in the Ministry of Love. My favourite part of the article is the last paragraph:
I told the officer taking my fingerprints that I would be writing about it all. “No doubt,” he snorted. “And anything you’ll write won’t be the truth.”

Ribena are running a competition to win a donkey. I LOVE donkeys, but hate Ribena, so if anyone out there doesn’t mind the stuff, you wouldn’t win me a donkey would you ?

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