Red and Black

Can any Labour Party member who watched “The Key” on BBC2 tonight really feel comfortable about giving Tony Blair anything more than a rasberry and a rude gesture (let alone a standing ovation) at the conference today? I’d be fascinated to hear from someone who still think’s he’s any better than a piece of canine-egested chewing-gum one might discover on the soul of a shoe. He’s either a complete moron, or the second most evil man on the planet (Bush takes some beating).

Michele did her first day at Southwark college today. Last night, in bed, we talked about the nightmare of the first day at a new job – especially in F.E. Michele’s fears of the stress derived from the general chaotic, disorganised mess of FE, together with the terrifying set of cliches, crap jokes and awkward first-day conversations provided enough for us to laugh ourselves to sleep. Some examples of the hilarious witticisms we predicted include:

  • You must be mad wanting to work here
  • Welcome to the madhouse!
  • Congratulations…or should I say commiserations!!!!!!!!! (too many exclamation marks deliberate)
  • You must be a glutton for punishment!!!
  • We’re all mad here!!!!

and so forth.

Went to Dorking wih Colin yesterday. Most excellent. As much as I hate Connex, South-Central have moved up to first place on my hitlist. At least there was a pub opposite Sutton station. And Dorking station.

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