Closing titles

As Michele watches “American Pie” and I sip my £1.99 Tesco screw-top red wine, life seems quite pleasurable. We’ve just got back from my mum and dad’s where we ate way too much roast beef…which was more delicious than you can imagine. We also got a chance to play the vinyl I bought from the charity shop on saturday: several 7-inch singles (Lene Lovich, Jona Lewie, Pig Bag and Ruthless Rap assassins) and a Boney M album (including Rasputin, Brown Girl in the Ring, By the Rivers of Babylon and Painter Man). All good stuff, but best of all I’ve taken tomorrow off work. I might go down to Dorking, and I might not. I might stay at home and do some music. I might not. I might just spend the whole day on the bog. Whatever I decide it won’t be work.

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