Chai chai chai

Ah, lovely chai – what a nice way to start the day.
Humphrey has got into the habit of squawking before his covers are off in the morning – this is a bad habit and I’m doing my best to ignore him. Not easy considering how nice he’s been recently – the other night he did his usual trick of waddling over to where I was sitting, and hopping up onto the ibook keyboard, preventing me typing. He then pecks at the keys until I give him either some attention or some seeds…the latter provides the perfect way for him to cover the keyboard in bits and dust…this time though, he decided to hop up on my leg and wander around my lap, looking up at me. As Michele would say, “What a sweetie”.

On tuesday, we went over to say happy birthday to my mum. They’d had the idea of having a kebab and it was a great evening. While Chris was ordering the food, I went up to the pub to get a couple of pints in. I know it’s a Wetherspoon’s but 3.75 for 3 pints really took my breath away. I had to ask if the barmaid had undercharged me – she hadn’t.

When we got home, and after the aforementioned touching Humphrey moment, I watched an hour and half of superb telly on BBC4. The first hour was probably one of the most intense, un-nerving and stressful things of seen for years. It was a JG Ballard play called “home”, about a suburban man who decides to perferom an experiment that involves not ever leaving the house again. Needless to say it’s a trip down the path to madness and it was done so well. By the end you were just sitting there, all tensed up and uncomfortable as he ate the local cats and dogs, dicovered the attic had become infinitely large and murdered the Sky TV engineer (an nice cameo from Keith Allen btw).
From the point of view of Mark Steel (who presented the following programme) I doubt you could get a more deadly warm-up act. But it was still excellent.

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