This week there have been at least two programmes on the BBC concerned with Guantanamo Bay. This is, as any right-thinking patriot knows, because the BBC is run by communists and is therefore biased and anti-American. I can’t imagine either programme being shown on mainstream US TV…despite the fact that one programme was actually American. Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner and Wanker Bush are far too patriotic to allow such filth to be shown to the general population. They need protecting from the evil anti-american lies you see. Obviously they aren’t capable of disinguishing fact from fiction so the U.S. government has graciously taken on the onerous task of filtering what the people can be exposed to. Much like they used to do in the USSR, Nazi Germany and Iraq before they were all “liberated”. The difference is that whilst the American people are being sheilded from these bad thoughts, they are all Free(tm).

Anyway – two interesting things came out of these programmes; one I already suspected, the other I would never have guessed.

  1. Camp Delta is essentially a concentration camp. The inmates are tortured and are being kept without trial or any rights – even constitutional rights.
  2. The CIA routinely send certain classes of prisoner to Syria – yes, Syria – to be “interrogated”. As you may know – Syria is part of the axis of evil. This is because they have a regime that does bad things…like torture people using methods so inhumane that no respectible country would consider using them.

So why would the CIA contract out interrogation to Syria ? It certainly is a poser isn’t it ?

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