Quick rant against normal people

This post is two years late. Only this morning I realised that I’m no longer capable of working with normal people. The trigger was receiving an email that contained an attachment with the file extension ‘.docx’.

Now, it’s comforting to know that for two years since its launch I haven’t ever had to deal with Office 2007 in any way. Open-office does everything you could possibly want to do with an office suite, including opening Microsoft created files and having a “File” menu. You also don’t have to deal with, what a good friend of mine would refer to as, all of the “gay shit” they’ve sprayed all over the place like a epileptic at a urinal.

So, I had always figured that Office 2007 must just be more polish on a bigger turd…I mean, they’d surely not change the format of their files again would they? Even Microsoft wouldn’t be that stupid. Well guess what…even Office 2003 can’t open them!

So surely by now people have realised that this is unacceptably crap and abandoned Microsoft Office in favour of the free and superior OpenOffice ?

And then I receive a docx. This has depressed me so, so much that I’m having problems dealing with it…

So, I pulled down openoffice 3 (which supports the new bastardised docx format) and opened the attachment. It was a simple, bulleted list. Well that justifies the cost of upgrading to Office 2007 right there doesn’t it.

Normal people think that emailing Office 2007 files essentially containing plain text is acceptable behaviour. I can’t work with normal people any more.

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