Death of a genius

Despite not wanting to blog about this particular topic, it’s got to the point where I can no longer hold-in my grief. A true genius of marketing passed away under tragic circumstances this week, and many people are in mourning. I am of course referring to the sad loss of Billy “Kaboom” Mays.

For the benefit of those outside the US, Billy was a marketing wizard who managed to fulfill the American Dream by becoming a millionaire using his own skills… which essentially involved going on TV in a blue shirt, grinning, shouting, and then saying “But that’s not all!” before throwing in some tasteless dollar-store[paaaahnd shop] crap as an enticement.
Despite being one of the purest sources of human irritation on the planet, he still managed to become very rich. Funny old world.

But beware! His lifestyle appears to be fraught with danger: he died only weeks after his arch enemy Vince Shlomi got sent to prison for beating up a prostitute. What next ? Barry Scott getting caught claiming a ladyboy on expenses ?

Hell in a handcart, what mugs we are etc and so forth.

[but it does provide an excellent excuse to link to the Slap-Chop remix]

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