Pirates and teabags

You’re probably already aware of my opinions on copyright law, but if not I’ll summarise them after this post. But regardless of anyone’s opinions, the guys from “thepiratebay.com” getting sent down is shocking because THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE! The amount of pressure placed on the Swedish court must have been unimaginable.

The news coverage has had me laughing hard, as the official news sources quote the only official sources they can find, who are, obviously, industry shills. The BPI have been very vocal in their support of the courts decision…well they would wouldn’t they ? They paid for a chunk of it after all. If you’re in doubt about the moral issues here, ask yourself who pays the BPI, RIAA, MPAA etc etc. Do they really exist to help the struggling artists ? Or do they exist to keep themselves in business ? How much do they earn ? How can you find out ? Do they earn more than the artists ?
If you know where to find the answers to these questions then please contact me (see “contact me” below).

The news programmes, guided by their usual paymasters, have been asking lame rhetorical questions such as “does this mean the end of illegal downloads ?”
The answer is, of course, “no, you’ve just made it worse you fucking, fucking idiots.” You’ve also made it easier for the morons who’d never even heard of bit-torrents before. Well done. Why not just fire yourselves from your jobs now. In fact, kill yourselves now so you don’t have to spend your retirement in agonising frustration watching the world become fairer and your old colleagues getting put out of a job.

Meanwhile, the only people on the planet with less clue than the copyright enforcers have been pilloried extensively: the nutty right in the flyover states. They demonstrated their lack of knowledge of history, current politics, and popular culture in one simple (and I mean that in every sense of the word) move: encouraging teabagging. Here, for the benefit of our dimwitted Republican friends is why they should feel embarrassed by their public flaunting of their credulity:

  1. The Boston tea-party was a rejection of “taxation without representation”; in particular the king of England taking your taxes and you getting nothing back in return.
  2. On the day you performed this hopelessly pathetic protest, not only did you receive a tax-cut, but you were protesting against the tax money being spent on public projects (roads, schools, and other public services)…so what would you prefer it spent on ? Bankers ?
  3. No-one noticed the actual protests, they just noticed that you called it “teabagging”
  4. Teabagging, as everyone who has even the most tenuous link with current culture knows, is a slang term for draping ones bollocks over someone’s face or putting them in their mouth. Ha ha. But also, we pity you.
  5. The “without representation” part of the Boston tea-party’s aim refers to democracy. Obama was elected using this democracy. And he didn’t even need to cheat like W, because he is genuinely more popular.

If you are a Republican and have been affected by the issues raised here, get in touch. We can help you.

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