iPhone apps and warcrimes

iPhone apps are clearly “all the rage”, as Maureen Lipman would have said, because even BBC World News did an item on them. I sincerely hope they’re right because I’m waiting for our next iPhone app to be approved by Apple. It could be worth many pennies!

Laughing at Republicans is still my favourite hobby at the moment – they are so funny! Obviously, if they weren’t fictional characters they’d be terrifying; can you imagine if real people actually believed that insane nuttery ?
OK, we’re all annoyed with Obama at the moment: the left are annoyed that he’s not going to take the torturers to court; the right is annoyed because he’s ignoring all of the wonderful benefits that torture has brought us all, and seems to think it was a bad thing! Well personally I disagree with both sides of this argument because it seems that torture is the key to solving this disagreement. What we need to do is water-board W, Rove, Rumsfeld and all of the other psychotic frothy-mouthed nutjobs who genuinely believe torture is a good thing. If, after they’ve been through it, they still think it’s a good thing then we put them in a mental institution, if not then we send them to prison. Either way, we’re all happy.

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