Easter egg

Easter came by last week. I know because people said so. Unlike the UK, the US still maintains a healthy secular defiance of the Christian doctrine when it comes to public holidays. So, that meant there was not a single hour off work and we even had to give up a chunk of the weekend indulging family peccadillos.
We drove up through New Jersey to the new McMansion of one of Michele’s uncles. The day turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable; not only was the food and drink plentiful and of quality, but we had a few good laughs. Michele was given a Bill O’Reilly book by her uncle and I was given a bunch of computers to fix by other relatives. Michele’s aunt and cousin even brought their laptops along specially because they knew I’d be there. Flattering really. They were quite frank about their Republican [in the American sense of the word] views, but I congratulated them; after all, the first step towards a cure is acknowledging your problem. I told them that I’d happily run a course to help them out of their pit of political wrongness. Michele’s book wasn’t as offensive as we’d imagined, mainly because it was more autobiographical than one if his usual malarial-level insane rants. However, we have now decided on the gift to send back. We’ll let you know once it’s in the post.
As fun as the day was, by the end of the afternoon I was desperate to get back to our house and continue working on my latest project.

Good night.

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