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It’s the little things…
Sitting in a nice flat, watching some really superb telly and drinking a cheap bottle of red wine. Sometimes life is good.
Always recognise when you are enjoying yourself, otherwise you’ll miss it…what a waste. It’s an excellent feeling when you realise that actually life can be enjoyable. Even if it’s just because you ate a good pizza.

Tonight, BBC2 had the second part of their series ‘the secret life of the office’. It looked like a brilliant piece of hard-hitting satire by Ken Loach. But it was real. I’ve never seen a more perfect microcosm of capitalist society. Sadly, my lack of skill with the English language prevents me going into further detail about the content of the programme. Borrow a video, hassle the beeb for a DVD release, do anything you can but watch it. Watch the opressed working classes cry and become ill with stress as their self-esteem is sapped forever. Watch the ruling classes complain about the wobble in their custom made rare rainforst furniture and then piss about with brainstorming sessions while they earn 4 or 5 times as much as the people doing the actual work. Watch the middle classes succumb to pressure from their superiors and pass it on to the proles with threats and worthless rewards.
It’s all there.

Anyone reading this who is contemplating suicide, please consider this: If you have given up on life then you are in a unique position – you have nothing to lose and can do whatever you like. Every fantasy you’ve ever had about killing your boss, pissing in the ‘PowWow Water’ storage tank or murdering the next person you see dropping litter, you can fulfill! The worst that can happen to you is not as bad as you’d planned for yourself.
Take some of them with you!
Don’t take an overdose! Force your way into the board-room of Cap Gemini with a bucket of weed-killer, a bag of sugar and a lighter! Go on! Enjoy yourself!

Goodnight campers.

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