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Nice weekend. Not only did the sun come out but I got to spend some time out in it, in the park, with friends.
Dave, a very good friend who I hardly ever see, was in London after going on his first spanish package holiday. He was with his girlfriend, Sharon, whom I’d never met before – and she’s great. She taught me a new word, dreich,which means “English Weather”. I’d put money on those two ending up together forever…

Dave, Sharon, Andy ( another good friend I haven’t spoken to for far too long) and I met up in Greenwhich park and sat down in the sun a lot.
Then we wandered over Blackheath and had a pint in the Princess, after which we went to the Thai restarant and pigged out on nice thai food…damn..mixed seafood in thai chilli sauce is good. In fact we had to go to O’neills first because the thai place was choca but that was cool – haven’t been there since Dircon and it brought back some really dodgy drunken memories 🙂
Funnily enough on sunday I had another Dircon moment; Andy and I went to Hilly fieilds for a walk and bumped into Mark, a guy from Dircon. Andy stayed the night after we spent everal hours discussing things of great importance the previous night :).

It’s been over 48 hous since I took my last Lustral and I’m feeling it badly. Michele being away is really rough. It feels like I’m only half here. Hopefully this is the worst I’m going to feel until I get the new prescription. Bad as it is, I can deal with it in the knowledge that the repeat script should be ready tuesday.

Another real bastard is tha AudioGalaxy has gone. I don’t care what anyone says – fo…
oooh…michele just rang – I feel a lot better!

Time for bed.

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