It has been a while since the last blog I know. Lots of reasons for this, the main one being ennui. Sorry.
Also, I’ve completely failed to achieve anything in the intervening time. Ho hum.
Events that occurred:

  • Dan’s birthday
  • A load of tedious work
  • A couple of days off to help clear my head that resulted in a load of tedious work – I’ve had enough you know
  • Discovering that students from the Halls in which we live have been taking advantage of our open, unprotected wireless broadband access. Clearly not very good hackers, they weren’t able to overcome the basic MAC address restrictions I put in place (childs play), so I’ve opened it up again and am hoping they deliver a load of passwords and stuff 🙂
  • A season of Jack Rosenthal on BBC4, celebrating his life and work. I must admit to not knowing a great deal of his work, but at least two of his productions I regarded as some of the greatest plays/films ever made: p’tang yang kipperbang…(ugh)…and The Chain. How wonderful to discover that not only did he he write loads more excellent stuff, but that he was also a really nice, righteous, bloke. The fact I always secretly fancied his wife is not significant :).
  • The SU invited us to its handover party for the new sabbaticals. I think I must have enjoyed it because I don’t remember a bastard thing about it
  • Yesterday I took the day off work – would have been perfect if I hadn’t received a work phone-call which infuriated me more than I can say…However, Michele, Humphrey and I went over to sit in the idyllic beauty of my mum and dad’s garden. Lovely. Humph loves it there, as do I and Michele. I’d intended to go out and get a kebab for everyone but my mum, who is a professional mum, had already made much too m,uch food for us all. Lovely it was too.
    Once we got home, I went down the road to get a bottle of wine, and thought it might be interesting to see if any of my work colleages were still in the pub. Surprise surprise they were! So another couple of happy hours were spent in there watching the pub warm up for the weekend. Lovely. Amazingly I didn’t have to give any of my work colleages a paranoid ‘morning-after’ phone call this morning….ok I had given someone one on Friday, but I still think it’s an improvement. In fact I even received one from someone else! So glad it’s not just me 🙂
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