BBQ fun

I never apologised to Toby, Hube and Andy for blowing them out last week. All old school friends, we’d arranged an extraordinary general meeting in “The Jordan” (q.v.) and, due to Michele’s stomach, I had to blow them out. I’d assumed that Andy and Hube weren’t going to make it and didn’t call them. Andy didn’t…Hube did. Hubert, I’m really really sorry…again. Dr J and Andy – I’m sorry too…let’s meet up soon.

We had the Information Services Barbeque on Friday, and it was….good. Not just good, but really good. Absolutely good in fact. No arguments, and everyone, including the most uptight librarians, had a good time. Needless to say I don’t remember much about 8pm plus, but I’m told it was good. These things are very important I think. They give people the chance to relax, be honest, and enjoy each others company – even within the working environment. The best meeting I ever attended was when our heroic (and wonderful) departmental secretary left. I had a couple of chats with members of staff that were more productive than any meetings or chats before or since. We all got on really well for months after that too. All meetings should be down the pub.

Anyway, I’ve no idea what I originally intended to write at this point. But, with Humph wandering around on the table and generally being cute, here are the news headlines:

  • Blair failing to resign despite overwhelming evidence that he is, genuinely, a shitbag
  • Michele’s dad sending us every bit of anti-Michael-Moore propaganda he can find in his right-wing newspapers. Much like the left wing, and independent ones we read, but of course his aren’t “liberal propaganda” – they are the objective truth – as approved by the U.S. government, the oil companies and the oppressive regimes that support them. China and Libya are our friends now. I know, Fox and all of the other pig-media told me. All to do with business apparently. I’d hate to be someone that doesn’t question the things they are told.
  • The post office. It is now unusable in London. More on this in a later blog

Good Things:

See yall…

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