Whoops – I forgot to mention the important stuff in the last blog. Tony Blair, in a fit of blatant fascistic self-righteousness decided to demonstrate what a complete toss-pot he is, by giving Peter “three-times-disgraced” Mandelson a great new job on the EU gravy-train! Hoorah for over privileged tosspots! They always win! Just look at at John Scarlett. Despite being heavily criticised by the Butler inquiry (because he was clearly bent) he now has a cushy job as head of MI6! Well done that man. Ignore the critics. The fact you are in a position of such power proves how right and incorruptable you must be.
Refreshingly, the Tories are still demonstrating how much more odious, corruptable and nasty they are than the new Labour bastards, ensuring they will never get elected.
I swore that Blair would be out within 6 months of the publication of the Hutton report. Looks like I’m going to be proved wrong…but maybe only by a couple of months. The Tories hate him, the party hates him…in fact everyone hates him. Rather than ingraciate himself with people in the UK, he continues to bang on about WMD and then go and give Pete Mandleson loads more pay…how more insulting can he be to the left in the UK ? Why hasn’t he been stabbed in the back by every self-respecting member of the cabinet…after all, he has stabbed them in the back on many occasions.

Thatcher still isn’t dead, but living in a senile hell. Maybe there is some justice in the world. Let them die old, insane and unhappy. Bye Tone – you won’t be missed.

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