Lily Music

Despite incurring much derision from friends and workmates, I really like Lily Allen…in fact I might even be a fan. So, how excited was I when we discovered she was filming a music video right next to the office I work in? They’d redressed a launderette as a cafe and a cornershop as a fruit stall…I don’t know…and neither did the production team when I asked them. When my mate Andy told them I was a fan they told me Lily was only standing round the corner and suggested I said hello. Suddenly I turned into a giggling 12 year-old and ran off, just like I did when I met the Blakes 7 actors. It’s a funny thing, but I’m normally pretty irreverent; as soon as I come into contact with someone I admire I turn into this schoolgirl twat. Later on I tried again; another workmate, Lisa, walked up with me to where Lily and the possee were hanging about. As soon as I saw her red dress from a distance it happened again and I buggered off. What a berk eh ?

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