Ange asked:

“Do you think there’s any market for a computer program that just sits there and occasionally compliments you ?”

Now, Friday night is the traditional night for sitting in the pub, talking rubbish, getting inspired, and making resolutions, that in the cold, sober, light of the following day I don’t recollect at all.
But this one I remembered! So simple and yet so brilliant, it could rid the world of all bad vibes! So, I went ahead and wrote kimibhut: Winblows only at the moment, it sits on the system tray and occasionally pops up a message telling you how great you are. And, for the first time ever, I’m keeping it running all the time because it really does make me feel better about the world. It also has a mode for masochists that insults you instead. Something for everyone.

This evening contained another huge reminder about how fast time is passing. After one of my mum’s award-deserving roast lamb and yorkshire pudding dinners, my parents’ neighbours turned up to say goodbye as tomorrow they are moving away. This made me quite emotional because, apart from liking them, we’ve known them for about 15 years. We’ve watched them have a child, who is now a young lady, had Christams day with them, helped Dad and friend try to sneak back into the house when they were so pissed they could hardly walk, and generally enoyjed having them as my parents neighbours. I’ll miss them.

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